Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Prof. Dr. Erkin Arıbal emphasizes that performing surgical operations for biopsies is an outdated method and states that "Breast biopsies should be performed with needles, but not thin needles; instead, with what are called thick needles, which can collect small diagnostic samples." he said.

Beware of Superstitions About Breast Biopsies

Prof. Dr. Arıbal clarifies that the common belief that a tumor spreads to other tissues after a breast biopsy is false. On the contrary, breast biopsies have been safely performed for about 30 years, and treatment is determined based on the biopsy results.

Tumor Can Be Removed During Vacuum Biopsy

Prof. Dr. Arıbal emphasizes that vacuum biopsy is a new biopsy technique aimed at lesions in the breast and says:

"Tissue is sequentially drawn into the needle using vacuum and then cut out from the needle with the help of vacuum. This allows complete sampling of lesions up to 3 to 5 centimeters. In benign tumors, it can be both diagnostic and therapeutic, but in malignant lesions, after removing the entire lesion, a small operation is required to remove the surrounding tissue."

Significant Innovation in Breast Radiology

Arıbal emphasizes that vacuum biopsy, accompanied by contrast-enhanced mammography, is a significant innovation in breast radiology. He explains, "The application is comfortable and practical for the patient. After administering iodine-based contrast through a vein, previously invisible, insidious cancer lesions become visible after other techniques like mammography or ultrasound. We can use it instead of an MRI-guided biopsy."

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