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Developed by the local game studio Funverse Games, which is entirely composed of Turkish developers and artists, "Hit and Boom" is moving to an open beta version on November 24th, exclusively for players in Turkey.


Combining MOBA and Battle Royale game mechanics, Hit and Boom, which is accessible for free, offers players a unique experience.


"Hit and Boom" invites players to masterfully defeat their opponents in a vast battlefield. The game stands out with each character's unique weapons and different playstyles. Players will step into the battlefield alone or with friends and use all their skills to survive within the shrinking circle.


The most prominent feature of Hit and Boom is the combination of the best elements from MOBA and Battle Royale genres. Players will be able to constantly reshape their strategies on a massive map. In each match, players can choose different areas, tactics, and routes.


"Hit and Boom" characters will have multiple unique weapons. Does your team need a close-combat fighter, a long-range sniper, or more mobility? All of this will be possible by selecting the most suitable weapon before entering the match and developing a strategy accordingly.


Tolga Öztürk, CEO of Funverse Games, said the following regarding the open beta starting on November 24th:


"We will be presenting the 'Hit and Boom' experience to a large player community for the first time with this open beta version, which we will offer especially to our players in Turkey. The feedback from our players will be very valuable for us and will play a major role in shaping the final version of the game. The reason we decided to start the Open Beta only in Turkey is that we really value the opinions of players in our country. We have endless faith in Turkish players' selective taste regarding game quality and balance. Starting the test phase here, in our own country, is very important for us to see if we are on the right track."


The "Hit and Boom" open beta will be accessible for free on PC via the Steam platform starting November 24th. If you haven't registered for the beta yet, you can create your open beta registration at For more, you can follow Funverse Games and Hit and Boom on social media.

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