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"Ethical considerations are paramount in guiding conservators to keep a “delicate” balance between intervention intensity and historical authenticity," Gavrilakis underlined in his speech during the Heritage Istanbul 2024 Conference,

Gavrilakis was a keynote speaker at Heritage Istanbul, where he gave details on historic artworks conservation and restoration with his "Ethics in Historic Artworks Conservation and Restoration for Safeguarding Cultural Heritage" speech text, presented with slides.

"In historic artworks conservation and restoration, landmark artworks preservation, art conservators and restorers serve as Art Doctors, preserving the spirituality and physicality of these historical artefacts," he said, adding that, through the dedication of these experts, the historical, cultural heritage treasures continue to inspire, educate, and embody the “rich tapestry” of human history and spirituality.

Gavrilakis said, "Ethical decision-making guides our interventions, preserving historical integrity and cultural value. Comprehensive documentation, including historical research and material analysis, provides a robust foundation for preservation, fostering a deeper understanding of these sacred artefacts" and added:

"Experts preserve these artefacts' physical form and soul in professional historic artwork conservation. Historic artefacts continue to inspire, educate, and resonate through meticulous examination, analysis, and restoration. They weave a timeless narrative of history, artistry, and cultural heritage as bridges between the past and the future. Shedding light on the enduring strength of cultural heritage. Dedicated expertise ensures that our historic cultural heritage emits radiance, guiding future generations."

"The historical evolution of Historic Artworks reflects dynamic intercultural exchanges, shaping their significance from ancient cave paintings to the Renaissance period and beyond. Symbolism in each brushstroke adds layers of meaning, inviting viewers to delve into rich narratives of human experience, cultural identity, and artistic expression," Gavrilakis stated and added:

"Conservation demands technical expertise and profound sensitivity to cultural contexts. Professional experts, art conservators, and art restorers, as Doctors of art and history, armed with empathy, sensitivity skills and ethical considerations, play a pivotal role in ensuring authenticity endures. Meticulous examination methods provide insights into composition, condition, and historical context, unveiling hidden details and deciphering artists' intentions."

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