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Eye specialist Dr. Emrah Mat explained that the causes of lazy eye can vary. "One of the most common causes of this problem is misalignment of the eyes, known as strabismus. Strabismus occurs when both eyes do not focus on the same target, which can lead to one eye being used more, causing the other eye to become lazy. Large differences in eyeglass prescriptions can also lead to lazy eye. The difference in prescription strengths between the two eyes can make the process of merging images in the brain more difficult, resulting in one eye being neglected. Structural issues such as drooping eyelids or congenital cataracts can also increase the risk of lazy eye. Particularly in children, this is a problem that needs to be identified early and treated appropriately," he said.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment

Mat emphasized that early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for successfully addressing the lazy eye problem. "The early years of childhood, up to the ages of 8-9, are the most effective time period for treating lazy eye. Before starting the treatment, the disease or condition causing the laziness should be treated first. For example, structural issues like strabismus or drooping eyelids may require surgical intervention. If lazy eye is due to differences in eyeglass prescriptions, glasses treatment is applied to the child."

What Happens If Lazy Eye Is Left Untreated?

Emrah Mat stated, "Lazy eye is a problem that occurs in children with a frequency of 2-4%. If lazy eye is not treated, it can significantly impact the child's quality of life. Lazy eye can affect not only visual acuity but also depth perception. This can make even simple tasks in daily life, such as climbing stairs or distinguishing objects up close or at a distance, challenging. Additionally, problems with reading, writing, attention deficits, and concentration issues can develop. Lazy eye can influence a person's career choices in later years and important life decisions."

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