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Tekmen emphasized that the menopausal period is an important phase that encompasses one-third of a woman's life and is a natural part of the normal course of life for women. While the age at which menopause begins may be genetic, it can also be accelerated by dietary habits, stress, medication use, environmental factors, and climatic conditions. While the global age for entering menopause is 48-52, the average age for Turkish women is 46-48. It is possible to go through the menopausal period, which is a natural phase of women's lives, in a healthy and happy manner by taking appropriate measures.

Op. Dr. Emine Zeynep Yılmaz Tekmen said, "Women living in cold climates and harsh conditions may enter menopause earlier." She further stated, "The menopausal period is a natural stage of life for women and should not be seen as an illness. While the basic determinant of when menopause will occur is genetic, factors such as race, dietary habits, smoking and alcohol consumption, birth control pill use, fertility status, extended breastfeeding, irregular menstruation, traumas, natural disasters like earthquakes, and migration can accelerate the menopausal period. In addition, women living in rural areas, cold climates, and harsh conditions experience menopause at an earlier age. General health, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgical conditions can trigger menopause."

Op. Dr. Emine Zeynep Yılmaz Tekmen listed some recommendations for experiencing the menopausal period in a healthy and happy way:

"The decline in hormones affects not only menstruation and fertility but is a process that affects the entire body. During the menopausal period, in addition to hot flashes, fatigue, weakness, brain fog, sweating, sleep disturbances, mood swings, sexuality, cardiovascular health, and some endocrinological problems occur. To go through this period in a healthy and happy way, some measures can be taken that bring significant changes to women's lives.

Dietary changes,


Stress relief/relaxation,

Avoiding environmental toxins, along with some supportive treatments used in suitable patients, can help this period to be passed smoothly. 

These measures can also provide protection against bone fractures, cognitive impairments, Alzheimer's, and heart diseases."


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