Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Uskudar University, said, "There shouldn't have been a war. In the event of a war, health disappears. In 1986, the WHO signed an international declaration in Ottawa, Canada. It is a very famous declaration in public health. Here, 8 conditions for peace and health were listed. They said, 'If these 8 conditions are not met in a society, there can be no talk of health in that society.' What is the number one of them? Peace. When there is no peace, health in that country is threatened in every way. Besides that, healthy water, healthy food, clean air conditions, healthy living conditions, access to health services, and there is also a list of essential medicines by the WHO." he said.

"Preventing the delivery of medicines to those in need is considered a crime against humanity"

Prof. Dr. Sur emphasized that even a person convicted of the most serious crimes has the human right for these medicines to be delivered to them. "It is considered a crime against humanity for any state, for any reason, and without discrimination, to prevent the delivery of a medicine to those in need," he said.

"Outbreak Risk of Disease in Gaza"

Prof. Dr. Sur also mentioned the risk of epidemics in Gaza , saying, "Acute, that is, urgent cases of people who can die due to bleeding, heart attacks, or kidney patients who cannot access dialysis. In addition, there will also be deaths due to injuries from the war." he said.

British News Agency


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