Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

NASA has successfully brought back samples from the asteroid Bennu, which it considers the most dangerous rock in the solar system. The Osiris-Rex capsule returned to Earth with samples weighing 250 grams from the asteroid.

The official announcement on social media reads as follows:

"GOOOOAL! The #OSIRISREx sample capsule landed at 10:52 a.m. ET (1452 UTC) at the Utah Test and Training Range, after a journey of 3.86 billion miles. This marks the first mission of its kind for sample return in the United States and will provide us with a time capsule into the beginnings of our solar system."

After a journey of approximately 3.9 billion miles, the #OSIRISREx asteroid sample return capsule has returned to Earth. Teams are conducting the initial safety assessment; the first people to make contact with this hardware on the other side of the solar system."



Hibya Haber Ajansı British News Agency


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