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Bulgarian President Rumen Radev emphasized that technology transfer is the key to competitiveness in science and innovation and the future of the European economy. Therefore, he said that both European institutions and EU Member States should prioritize the knowledge-based economy.

In his speech, President Rudev highlighted economic growth and technology development models based on innovation and intellectual property protection. He noted that these models attract investments, encourage business, create job opportunities, and accelerate growth. Rumen Radev pointed out that the economic contribution of the European patent system accounts for almost half of the EU's GDP and is measured in more than a third of the jobs created within the Union.

President Rudev emphasized the need to create incentives for innovation and business to make the European economy competitive globally. He expressed support for the efforts of the European Patent Office to create a comprehensive and flexible system primarily targeting small and medium-sized enterprises and scientists to make their inventions more visible through the patent system. Additionally, Bulgarian universities, which are at the center of science and education, should be recognized as active and reliable partners of the European Patent Office, according to Radev.

President Radev also highlighted Bulgaria's desire to actively contribute to the development of the European patent system and a single market for technology and innovation. This year, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Patent Office and the European Patent Office, the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Center was established in Bulgaria. The goal of this center is to promote technology transfer, support knowledge exchange, and strengthen the connection between science and business. Rumen Radev also emphasized the recognition of inventions by Bulgarian scientists at an annual ceremony where the Patent Office's Golden Book is signed.

The President emphasized the importance of digital technologies and innovations in regional cooperation in Eastern Europe. As part of the "Three Seas Initiative," which aims to strengthen regional transportation, energy, and digital connectivity in Bulgaria, an innovation fund was established to cover investments in science, lower research costs among countries, and contribute to innovation in the region.

President Rumen Radev attended the Munich event at the invitation of the President of the European Patent Office, Antonio Campinos. The two leaders will hold a meeting to discuss opportunities for expanding the partnership between the European Patent Office and Bulgaria in the field of intellectual property with the aim of strengthening the connection between science, education, technology, and innovation in Bulgaria.

British News Agency


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