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“By closing the Rafah crossing, Israel has tightened its control over the Gaza Strip, cutting it off from the outside world and imposing a crippling siege that has led to the deaths of many wounded and sick. In addition, the closure has blocked the flow of humanitarian aid and medical supplies, undermining the efforts of the few remaining local hospitals.

According to the group, the closure of the Rafah crossing has made it impossible for more than 11,000 injured people to receive the urgent medical care they need outside the Gaza Strip, while more than 10,000 cancer patients and at least 2,000 patients with other illnesses, including about 750 children, require treatment outside the Gaza Strip.

According to Palestinian Health Ministry officials and medical aid organizations in Gaza, since October 2023, fewer than 4,000 cancer patients have been granted permission to leave Gaza for treatment abroad. In practice, however, only around 600 patients have been able to do so, and the remaining patients face an uncertain future due to the closure of the Rafah border crossing and the fact that most cancer treatments are not available in Gaza.

The Rafah border crossing with Egypt has been closed since Israel launched its ground offensive in Rafah on May 7, and Israel and Egypt blame each other for the closure.


British News Agency


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