Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

The emergence of ChatGPT, which reached over 100 million users within weeks of its launch, has also brought scenarios for the use of artificial intelligence in different business areas. Artificial intelligence quickly made its way onto the agendas of companies, significantly easing the work of marketing professionals. Data from Insider Intelligence shows that three out of five marketing professionals using artificial intelligence for content production have witnessed performance improvements.

Fatih Akan, Product Manager of FatGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered article bot, shared his thoughts on the matter, stating, "Artificial intelligence-generated content that saves time, reduces costs, and performs well in search engines empowers digital businesses, marketing professionals, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs in the digital space. For this reason, our artificial intelligence-powered article bot, FatGPT, was quickly embraced by content creators and companies in Turkey."

35% of businesses are using artificial intelligence for content production

Current Google Trends data shows that searches like "AI content" have remained consistently above 50 points since the beginning of 2023, indicating steady growth. Additionally, a study conducted by Forbes Advisor revealed that 35% of businesses are using artificial intelligence for content production.

Fatih Akan, mentioning that their own bot, ChatGPT, and similar language models work through application programming interfaces (APIs) to create qualified content, said, "The use of artificial intelligence for content production is becoming increasingly popular, but at the same time, creating qualified content that can perform well in search engines is becoming more challenging. With our strong presence in the field of prompt engineering, we assert that FatGPT delivers much more qualified outputs than our domestic and global competitors. Our customers can create content on any topic, keyword, and title they desire, all of which are SEO-friendly, thanks to accurately trained artificial intelligence language models. The potential of artificial intelligence is so high that the majority of FatGPT's code was written by the language models we trained."

Reduces article costs to as low as 30 cents

Emphasizing the importance of visibility in search engine results in the digital realm for competitive advantage, Fatih Akan stated, "Achieving good visibility in search engines is possible through high-quality and original content. However, creating such content takes a lot of time and leads to high costs based on word pricing models. FatGPT not only can create articles and content for all needs in minutes instead of hours but also reduces content production costs to 30 cents or less. We have invested a lot of time in the development of FatGPT, working on prompts, customer support, and feature development. FatGPT can not only create articles, blog posts, and written content but also generate realistic user reviews. Additionally, FatGPT provides support for uploading products to the WooCommerce e-commerce platform."

Reached 1,000 customers and wrote 2 million articles

Fatih Akan, Product Manager of FatGPT, reminded that users can choose from different languages and tones to optimize content and customize it for their websites. He concluded his assessment with the following words: "FatGPT, which seamlessly integrates with content management systems like WordPress and offers the ability to write single or multiple pieces of content while continuing to create content in the background, has created over 2 million articles for more than 7,500 websites for over 1,000 customers. With customer-centric practices such as the 100% money-back guarantee, we ensure that the needs of our customers are fully met, and customer satisfaction remains at the highest level. FatGPT has been released in five different versions to date, and we continue to improve it according to the needs of our customers."

Hibya Haber Ajansı British News Agency


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