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Toyota made a strong showing at the Japan Mobility Fair with innovative products. With the Land Cruiser Se concept, Toyota combines the high-torque performance of electric vehicles with an elegant and stylish design. This concept enhances the appeal of the Land Cruiser even further by adding a third-row seat to cater to different needs. The Land Cruiser Se concept offers a comfortable living space both on and off-road, along with the quietness of an electric vehicle, providing safety and agile handling on challenging terrains with its monocoque body.

Zero-emission pick-up concept: EPU

Toyota also showcased the next-generation pick-up concept at the fair. Featuring a monocoque body for high durability, the EPU concept stands out as a practical and stylish fully electric pick-up. With a length of over 5 meters and a double cabin design, the EPU offers practical cargo space to address various usage needs. Supporting outdoor activities and different lifestyles, the EPU boasts innovative electric technology and a low center of gravity for superior road grip and driving comfort.

Space mobility vehicle for outer space: Space mobility prototype

Toyota, which develops mobility vehicles for use on the moon and in outer space, also showcased innovative technologies. Toyota is working on introducing a Space Mobility prototype that provides robust and safe driving even in extraterrestrial environments. The prototype offers motor and steering functions in each wheel, can overcome rocks up to 50 cm in height, and climb steep slopes of up to 25 degrees. This technology will be used in future space mobility vehicles like the Lunar Cruiser.

High-performance electric sports car: FT-Se

Among the concept vehicles showcased by Toyota in Japan, the FT-Se stands out as a high-performance fully electric model. Developed to reflect the unique driving excitement of the carbon-neutral era, the FT-Se leverages the expertise of Toyota Gazoo Racing, the brand's motorsport division. Designed as a car that can be continually improved through software updates for higher road grip and aerodynamic performance, the FT-Se is a car that reflects the ever-evolving nature of automotive technology.

Next-generation SUV concept: FT-3e

The FT-3e concept showcased at the fair represents a new electric vehicle that combines innovative technologies with a new driving experience and personalized services. The FT-3e offers a different design that combines aesthetics and innovative style. This vehicle can also transmit data and energy in the vehicle and battery to other vehicles and devices to support the goal of carbon neutrality and contribute to a better world.

Mobility solutions for everyone

Toyota shared concepts it developed for different mobility needs in addition to its four-wheeled vehicles at the 2023 Japan Mobility Fair. The concepts and innovations showcased at the 2023 Japan Mobility Fair received a lot of attention. These include the Land Hopper, a three-wheeled individual electric mobility concept that can be easily transported due to its foldable design. Land Hopper aims to make reaching your destination in the city easier when combined with a car and can be used by drivers aged 16 and above without a driver's license. This vehicle stands out with superior maneuverability.

Another mobility product showcased at the Japan fair is the JUU electric wheelchair, which combines style and user-friendliness. JUU enables free movement in areas that are difficult to access for electric or manual wheelchairs, expanding the user's world.

When going up or down stairs, the two large motor-driven wheels on the sides of JUU enable the overcoming of steps up to 16 cm in height while the small wheels prevent tipping. Toyota is also working on advanced features that will allow JUU to autonomously move after the user boards, attach itself to the back of a vehicle, and return the user to the driver's seat when they wish to disembark.

One of the vehicles showcased at the 2023 Japan Mobility Fair is Kayoibako, which offers unique mobility freedom. Kayoibako is an electric concept vehicle that can fulfill customer requirements for various purposes, from work to leisure. The electric Kayoibako concept, which can be customized for business or private use, can be transformed into a mobile shop, service vehicle, or any other vehicle according to lifestyle needs.

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