Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Every year, millions of students put in great effort to both realize their dream of getting into high school and university and to succeed in school. The new shopping destination idefix offers students of all ages a wide range of products, including curriculum-following auxiliary resources and the most up-to-date exam preparation books, as well as school-supporting atlases, spelling guides, and dictionaries.

Accessing all textbooks and resources is just a click away.

Textbooks and exam preparation books play a significant role in the success of the millions of students who work hard each year to achieve their dreams of high school and university. In particular, textbooks with detailed explanations for all subjects that enable thorough exam preparation and question banks that help grasp the diversity of questions make the students' tough struggles easier. In this regard, idefix offers students a multitude of resources for preparing for LGS, YKS, TYT, and AYT. With a wide range of textbooks from Turkish to Mathematics, from Physics to Chemistry, from History to Geography, as well as test books containing past questions and textbooks prepared by experts in the field, idefix can help students develop skills in logical thinking, reasoning, evaluation, and problem-based thinking.

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